PU Mortar (พื้นพียูมอร์ต้า)

PU Mortar

PU Mortar is a three-component solvent free polyurethane resin system. PU Mortar has film thickness 3 to 10 millimeter. The floors can be used as non-slip that looks like sand profile. Coating has 4 colors, red, green, yellow and grey.

PU Mortar is designed to incorporate with dry sand on-site application to the required consistency. The specially selected resins and additives form an easily finished impervious mortar with high build characteristics whilst perform optimum chemical and mechanical resistance. It provides an aesthetically pleasing seamless floor surface in multiple color blends providing a durable finish equivalent to industrial floor surfaces.

- 100% solids, solvent-free
- Non-Slippery
- High Impact Resistance and compressive strength
- Excellent adhesion to prepared substrates
- Adjustable consistency
- Excellent Moisture/Water Resistance

Recommended Uses
- Food Manufacturing Floors
- Beer and Beverage Processing Floors
- Milk processing Floors
- Warehouse Floors
- High loading Floors
- Parking lot
- Showroom Floors
- Laboratory Floors