Polished Concrete (พื้นขัดมัน)

Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is a repellent finished concrete. The product is very smooth and sheen surface that improve strength concrete around 20-30 percent. The floors help to protect against stains and etching agents and minimize moisture infiltration that might cause color migration or dispersion. It is suitable floors such as parking lot, shop, showroom, warehouse, commercial area, process area, office, garage, restaurant,


Polished concrete is the import technology from USA. Floors are made by chemical and polished grinder machine to obtain a smooth, reflective surface on concrete. It increases strength, abrasion resistance, water resistance, and stain resistance of finished concrete.

- Sheen and glossy Finishes
- Excellent penetration ability
- Excellent chemical resistance
- Excellent Moisture and Water resistance
- Excellent Stain Resistance
- Ready for foot traffic within hours
- Environmental friendly with zero VOC
- Non-Slippery
- High Impact Resistance and compressive strength
- Excellent adhesion to prepared substrates
- Adjustable consistency
- Excellent Moisture/Water Resistance

Recommended Uses
- Retail Shop Floors
- Logistics center Floors
- Commercial and Office Floors
- Warehouse Floors
- Production Floors
- Parking lot
- Showroom Floors
- Laboratory Floors
- Garage Floors